FATH SOLAR Moduli FS 205AP S2plus do 230AP S2plus

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FATH SOLAR Moduli FS 205AP S2plus do 230AP S2plus
  • The large-sized modules and the FATH mounting system provide for an ideal installation efficiency
  • No dirt gaps, smooth surfaces
  • Optimum drain of snow, dirt and water
  • High-tensil frame made of custom aluminium profile, providing a load capacity of up to 5400 Pascal
  • Textured low iron glass for high shock strength and optimum efficience

  • High-performance modules FS 205AP to FS 230AP are appropriate to building-integrated and on-roof mounting.By seamless integration of the modules into the roof surface, a perfectly homogeneous appearance is provided, giving entirelynew possibilities to clients and architects. FATH Solar chooses only the best laminates from brand named cooperation partners forthe manufacturing of the S2plus modules, applying our very tight quality criteria. The laminates are tested by experts in-house butas well by independent institutions on a regular basis.